Your Local Family Butcher

The business was established between the two world wars by Joseph Morris – the present proprietor’s father in 1930 and is now in its fourth generation.

Awareness of customer requirements sees us continually upgrading the service we provide. We have our own abattoir, catering business, three butcher stores and a kitchen where we make our own pork pies, sausage rolls, dinner pies, pasties & haslet. These lines complement our established range of home-cooked hams, roast pork, beef & turkey.


Our livestock

All our livestock is sourced from local farms. This practice not only supports the local farming community but also ensures uniformity of finest quality. Travelling distances are short, minimising stress for the animals – animal welfare being one of our main priorities.


Chris Newman
"Friendly staff offering a spectacular selection of meats for all tastes and cultures. Highly recommended."